About Us

My Crib,My Style.

At Settlein, make dreams happen

The founder of Settle in is a home lover with infinite longing for a better life. Full of creativity and passion, he is committed to making the home space extraordinary.The establishment of the Settle in brand is precisely due to this power, to create high-quality and high-style modern homes for consumers with love.

A home furnishing brand that leads a personalized lifestyle

We are striving to become a brand leading a brand-new personalized home lifestyle. At present, we are doing our best to create warm, comfortable and personalized home products for consumers. 

We believe beautiful spaces can heal the mind and body and inspire creativity. That's why we design each product with a unique look and function, ensuring that every consumer's needs and preferences are met. Our obsession with details ensures that the products are impeccable, aiming to let you get the best quality products with the most affordable price and the most considerate service.

We encourage everyone to explore the infinite possibilities of life. When you start to pay attention to the personality and aesthetics of furniture, you will find that home life becomes more interesting.

Brand Mission

Provide high-quality household products and services.

Explore the home furnishing ideas of living families around the world.

Inclusive possibility to meet various style positioning and different needs.

To undertake the social responsibility of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Brand Vision

Lead a new way of home life.

To be a leader of life aesthetics.

Let home heals body and mind, love yourself and love life more.

Let everyone imagine freely and build a dream home life.

Our Advantage

Professional Design Team

We have the most professional team of design experts who will realize your dream home space.

One Stop Shop

Our product series cover the whole space and provide you with one-stop arrangement.

High Quality Assurance

All products use the highest quality and durable materials, are environmentally friendly and guarantee high quality.

Excellent Customer Service

Reliable shipping, easy returns, and a professional customer support team make shopping worry-free.

We’re Close To You

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