Be A Living Artist

From Seeing To Feeling

Space builds our spiritual world when we build it.”

Settlein launches a new art space series, borrowing the inspiration of "art space" to restore the true nature of "living life into art", aiming to arouse people's resonance and emotions for home art life. How to feel the art of space is how to feel the art of life. What we want to do is to allow more people to resonate with the emotions and energy of home through perceivable space aesthetics, and to attract more people to experience art and pursue art.

People's rich feelings can be

felt from material and texture,

and also lines.

People's rich feelings can be

felt from material and


and also lines.

A lambswool sofa that is warm and comfortable enough. The pure white and soft lines are rooted in the calm walnut structure, ensuring that it is durable and stable while presenting an elegant and intimate home background.

The alternating connected metals resemble the energy field of a star ring,while the stationary plane balances its sense of dynamics.

Through clever design techniques, the gravel and ink elements are skillfully extracted and transformed into the patterns on the surface of the slate, as if they carry the traces of a conversation across time.

When furniture becomes art painting

The elements and emotions hidden in each product reflect the deep thinking of the artistic spirit in the visual focus. Like the softness of flannel and the vitality of wood. If we use sensory experience as a perceptual and abstract way of understanding to promote the evolution of thought and spirit, we can infinitely magnify the beauty of our homes and lead an exploration of life and art.

Settlein's Emotional Expression:

Design is everything that permeates life.

The expression of Settlein exists in every detail seen and touched by users. This art space topic is a dialogue request that we initiate to users.We choose to convey the comfort and toughness of furniture products in such a space that takes into account both architectural structure and artistic lines.Find the continuation and resonance of the user's sensory power in the home and to pass on the long-lasting aesthetics forever.